An incredible nz experience

Reviewed by nzdmum

21 Apr 2019

An incredible nz experience


So pleased we made the journey to experience this trip. We were in awe. It was like being in a marketing movie of nz. Won’t say too much as you need to make the effort to experience for yourself. Johan was an incredible driver and extremely knowledgeable.


Reviewed by CarolAstonUK

2 Jan 2019


Fantastic fun led by the wonderful Johan who is an expert of the river and nature. There’s nothing gimmicky about this ride just an excellent ride down the river and rapids with some interesting information along the way. Great BBQ lunch and a slightly wetter ride on the way back across the lake!! Johan is a truly genuine nice man and loves what he does. The only downside is he’s quietly spoken so difficult to hear sometimes at the back of the boat but highly recommend this trip.

"Great adventure"

"Great adventure"

 28 Dec 2018  491ernaa

This trip was fantastic. Johan is very experienced and you feel safe with him in this fast jet. Wonderful to sail from the lake over this beautiful river through a beautiful untouched area to the sea. A fantastic day trip, definitely worth it.

Better than Milford/Doubtfull Sound

Better than Milford/Doubtfull Sound

We were looking for an alternative way of visiting the Fiordland National Park rather than the tourist dense Milford and Doubtful sound we visited before and came across this. The drive to the lake is down a long unsealed road but it's well maintained and was easy in our small car so pretty quick. The trip combines Johan's guidance and commentary from his lifetime knowledge of Lake Hauroko, Wairaurahiri River and the national park, an exillerating jet boat ride, short walks in the park and along the coast and a delicious BBQ (feast would be a better description). Johan's (and Joyce's during the booking) personal touch made it a highlight of our holiday. Highly recommended instead of Milford/Doubtful Sound!

Reviewed by StevenC75

20 Dec 2018

Thank you again for this amazing day

Dear Johan,

Thank you again for this amazing day with stunning views, nerve-racking action and perfect BBQ. We really love the way you explain nature around the lake and just how you are. Thank you.

We will be definitely in contact with in the future for another ride or a fishing tour.

Kind regards
Jan with family and visitors

November 2018

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Thank you for giving us such an exciting time today

Hi Both

We want to say a big thank you for giving us such an exciting time today. We were thrilled with the jet boat ride and also enjoyed our lunch.

Johan's  comments were really interesting and we appreciate the effort needed to combat the man introduced predators. 

Thank you for sharing your love of nature with us.

Best wishes

Roger and Patricia

17th Nov 2018

Had an awesome day with Johan.


Wendy Hines  recommends Wairaurahiri Jet.

October 31 at 8:18 PM · 

Had an awesome day with Johan. Great company and bbq lunch. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see some of NZ beautiful wilderness

Don't Miss This!

Don't Miss This! 28th Oct 2018


If you're not going with Johan, then you're not jetboating! Seriously, this was absolutely amazing! Our large group did it during the off season, so it was a wee bit chilly but Johan was kind enough to provide hats for those of us who came unprepared. I didn't know what to expect and the little expectations I had were exceeded by far. I couldn't believe the BBQ spread that Johan prepared. Amazing, amazing, Amazing! By far one of the best things to do in Southland. Don't miss it! I was a bit worried about being out all day in the boat without a toilet, however you are completely covered!

Thank you for this incredible day.

Dear Joyce and Johan, 


Thank you for this incredible day. We enjoyed it so much. Everything was just perfect. We couldn’t imagine a  better guide, the fantastic BBQ with such delicious salads ( thank you Joyce) and the stunning views. The day was a perfect mixture of jet boat, explanation of nature with the short walks and the BBQ. Thank you for that. 

Enjoy your evening.

Jan with family 

Sunday 19 Aug 2018

The most amazing day!!

Reviewed by rubyboxergirl

3 Jun 2018

The most amazing day!!


This has been a dream for quite some time to be able to see the mysterious lake Hauroko and boat the 600feet Wairaurahiri River to the see! This exceeded our expectations and was topped off with a helicopter flight out from the beautiful Waitutu Lodge. Johan, Joyce and Dale we would like to thank you all so very much for making our trip the best!!! Lunch was amazing Top Job! Totally recommend this trip to everyone⭐️

You need to get away from the cattle boats

Reviewed by Kelly H

15 Mar 2018


You need to get away from the cattle boats

Johan does one of the best tours you can get and to honest needs to charge more for what you get. This exsperance was so much better then the Dart river boat trip that it was not even in the same ball park and to be honest that was fun but not even close to what they offer. If you want the quick I did a boat ride and move on it’s not for you but if you really want a experienc and learn something then please take the time and book with them.

Kia ora Johan and Joyce,

Kia ora Johan and Joyce,


Just a note to say I received our invoice from Hirere and processed it yesterday, it’s been sent on to the DOC Wellington head office for payment.


I want to thank you both for your hospitality and professionalism in getting our team safely down to Waitutu Lodge and back to Lake Hauroko. It’s great to deal with nice people and you certainly made the planning a whole lot easier. It was touch and go for a while with the weather and the river level but the gods seemed to have been on our side. The team all said the jet boat ride was the hi-light of their trip.


Thanks too for arranging the accommodation and payment for Waitutu Lodge, that also made things a lot easier for us. I would liked to have thanked the caretakers at Waitutu Lodge for their manaakitanga toward our team but I hear they don’t have contact with the outside world apart from an RT. I would appreciate it if you could pass on our gratitude to them as well.

I was pretty anxious trying to organise this trip from 1500kms away that’s why I’m so grateful to you for making it easy for me. From what the team also told me I think you fella’s are awesome with your trapping program. Its people like you who are going to save our bush so kia kaha in your part of the world.





Team Lead Monitoring

Nga Whenua Rahui


Very, very, very nice trip.

Reviewed by Yvon B

7 Mar 2018

Very, very, very nice trip.

From all the jet boats we saw, and we didn't like, because they make spinning trips and it must go fast, was this something totally different. Trip with the host Johan, who took time for his guests, to explain everything about the secret lake and island were there is a grave of some ancestors, this was all still on the lake, after this a rough ride in de boat over the river, where in the beginning you must get used to it, but it was like flowing over the river in a normal way, nice was the feeling that Johan has that much experience after all these years that you are not scared at all. Nice stop in the middle, in which Johan explained some things about the ancient forrest, very interesting. What even was better in the end, where you were at the sea, nice walk in the reserve, and a really terrific lunch from the bbq, excellent cook as well that Johan. Anyway, very, very worthwhile. All the best Johan, greetings from Holland Yvon en Gerrit.



Wairaurahiri Jet (W Jet)

Date of booking: 21 Feb 2018


Our host, expert jet boat navigator, and historian exceeded expectations. Johan's knowledge of the history and geography of the area was a huge addition to the trip; and the excellent lunch!

***** Eco adventure

trip advisor reveiw 11th Nov 2017

***** Eco adventure

A NZ wilderness adventure from start to finish. Don't miss this one, it's worth every cent. Beautiful native bush, a rocking and rolling jet boat ride, and barbequed venison for lunch at a quirky lodge on the isolated South coast. Wonderful!

*****Exhilarating best Jet Boat ride on a wild fast flowing NZ River

Reviewed 3 weeks ago via mobile

Exhilarating best Jet Boat ride on a wild fast flowing NZ River

I recently done this jet boat ride with family, I have been down this river and back two times and on one occasion we flew into The Waitutu Lodge by helicopter and had our 92 year old Mum along for the ride . I will return there is not a better jet boat trip any where in NZ quite like this travelling through pristine wilderness forest . You start of with a journey across mystical lake Hauroko then down this wild fast flowing river to the southern ocean. You will find the Waitutu lodge at the river mouth, the caretaker hosts of the lodge are Peter and Rose and their lovely dog Sofia will greet you. The accomodation is basic but very comfortable. A great place to escape the daily grind . Your hosts on this incredible trip are Johan and Joyce. The knowledge and deep insight that Johan has for this incredible area is priceless, you will learn so much from this man about the nature and history of the region all explained with a very dry humour. Joyce and Johann commitment also the the ecology of the area is to be commended; with their on going trapping of feral pests that are eliminating a lot of bird life. Do yourself a favour take this incredible journey .

"Great service, epic wilderness locations"

"Great service, epic wilderness locations"

3 days agoReviewed by CarolineB_NZ. 2 Nov 2017,

Great service from Joyce and Johan across Lake Hauroko at the end of the Dusky Track. The booking process was easy and they were quick to respond to my phone message (they are often out of signal on the lake/river) and by email. It's a great service for trampers in the area and I liked that Joyce always takes the time to note in the hut book when she will be back next, so that any trampers who have not booked will know when to expect the next boat (they only run the trampers service if they have booking so definitely call ahead). I was also lucky enough to experience the jetboat ride down the Wairaurahiri all the way from Lake Hauroko to the South Coast! This is an amazing untouched part of fiordland which is fantastic to explore by jetboat as you can be the only people for miles around - much more of a wilderness experience that any other jet boating I have done around Wanaka and Queenstown. Highly recommended for both track transport and as an activity in this stunning corner of NZ!

Brilliant Jet boat and Fjordland experience

Mette Pettersson
Wairaurahiri Jet
30 Jun 2017

Overall Rating:

This boat trip was every penny worth it! It is a 6 hours trip over the deepest lake in New Zealand and then down the Wairaurahiri river with a few stops a long the way. We were able to spot a deer and learned about the protection work in the fjordland areas. We were stunned by the BBQ venison lunch down at the waitutu lodge, Johan is a really good host and cook. We had a marvelous time and would highly recommend their tour! Especially if you're not keen on crowded and busy places. The river tour has everything New Zealand nature has to offer.


Exciting & Breathtaking

Wairaurahiri Jet
07 Apr 2017

Overall Rating:

This Jet Boat ride is the best we've ever seen. It is a 6 to 7 hour ride across Lake Hauroko for 10 KM then a 72 KM Fast thrilling ride down the Wairauahiri River to the Southern Ocean. Expertly driven by Johan with a BBQ lunch at the end & local information on Flora & Fauna. There is a guided walk along the way. I would recommend this to anyone.



Tim Casse
Wairaurahiri Jet
23 Feb 2017

Overall Rating:

A highlight of our Southland cycle tour. Johan and Joyce were the best hosts ever very professional yet so relaxed. No trouble for them to arrange a pick up and drop off from Tautapere for us cyclists. The lake and river are most beautiful. The jet boat ride was very exciting and the gourmet lunch was to die for. Don't hesitate to take this adventure.


Most memorable excursion

Wairaurahiri Jet
06 Feb 2017

Overall Rating:

Johan started the engine for just 2 of us (everyone else cancelled because of bad weather),took us down a wild river, stopped and explained, prepared a tasty lunch....and up to Lake Hauroko again. 
Exciting! Exceeded our expectations!
And-the weather was not too Bad!



Gabrielle Pearman
Wairaurahiri Jet
20 Oct 2016

Overall Rating:

The journey was an experience of NZ untouched, with beautiful vistas of Mountains, water river rapids and still lake in silence.
Johanus delivered the service at exactly the right pitch of knowledge, friendliness and professionalism. The birthday cake was thoughtful as well as coordinating a helicopter experience that happened by chance.



A Must Do Experience

Trip Advisor
2 Mar 2016

Overall Rating:

What a day what a trip. Why would anyone not do this total package? Well if you dont do it you will have missed one of the best Jet boating experiences ever done. I will not tell you more, you will just have to do this trip yourselves. If you chose not to go dont blame anyone else..

Should be on everyone's Bucket List, an outstanding New Zealand Experience

Trip Avisor
18 Feb 2016

Overall Rating:

Chances to experience all the thrills of jet boating and adventure of true back country are hard to find but this is it. A true "Bucket List" item. To explore this remote corner of New Zealand like this with such a capable, professional and knowledgeable driver and guide as Johan is a real privilege. And not a bad cook either, scrummy BBQ lunch at Waitutu Lodge.

Thanks Johan for a great day out, can't recommend this trip highly enough.

A Genuine Kiwi Experience

Marsha W

Overall Rating:

It's hard to write something better than the other reviews because they are so well done. Leave Queenstown behind and do the real thing! The whole package--the ride, the guide, the food, the river, the sea, the beauty, it's all there!

A Fantastic Day

Lenore Phillips
Wairaurahiri Jet
05 Jan 2016

Overall Rating:

A fantastic day, delicious lunch,interesting and informative talks from Johan about the area and the conservation projects. Without people like him there would be no wilderness areas or animals left in NZ for one of our most valuable assets tourism. Thank you Johan for a wonderful trip.


Absolutely Fantastic

Overall Rating:

Everything you read in these reviews is true. This was the absolute highlight of our 2.5 weeks in New Zealand and a completely unique experience that gets you really out into the wilderness.

The jet boat ride was fantastic - Johan very skillfully manouveres the boat along an incredibly shallow river with at times only cms of water under the boat through untouched forest. The commentary was fantastic as was the great BBQ lunch and views of the coast. I cannot recommend highly enough

Visited December 2015

Awesome Jet Boating

Debbie R
Trip Advisor
10 Dec 2015

Overall Rating:

Great thumbs up to Johan and Joyce of wairaurahiri jet boats
Great ride on the lake and river to the sea
Wonderful bush lunch and walks great to see you catered to others fishing need as well 
Cool little walk over the swing bridge
A great full day trip beats Queenstown any day
Keep up the great experience

Visited December 2015

World Class

Hi Johan and Joyce,

Yes it seemed that luck played in our favour on Friday with the weather, I am sure that your thrill seeking adventures caused all involved to forget what the weather was doing anyway, the day was throughly enjoyed by everyone! Joyce, thanks very much for the hearty Southland lunch, the warm drinks and to top it off a well organised day. Johan, that is the second time I have been on your boat and on both occasions your skill and technique is a privilege to watch and rely on, the adventure is one that is certainly world class and we are so lucky to have it in our back yard as well as a legend like yourself there to make the environment sustainable and accessible. Please pass on a big thanks to Dale for putting the helicopter through its paces and giving everyone an aerial trip to remember, a big thanks also to your  support crew for all there help as well. 
The day out is one that I will certainly be encouraging other work places to do, 
I will keep a watch on seven sharp this week for the article on your big beach clean.
We done again and thanks very much, I will sort payment for you over the next couple of days

Kind regards
Brett and the transport crew at Open Country Dairy 


Ngaire Grellet
14 Nov 2015

Overall Rating:

What an awesome ride. Great host in Johan. The food was delicious. Can't rate them highly enough. Informing all friends. A "MUST DO" experience.

Radio Live

Gerard Hindmarsh & Graham Hall

Hi Joyce & Johan,

If you miss Radio Live tonight here’s the link available from tomorrow (Monday) just click onto Lake Hauroko program. Your most welcome to put this link onto your website. Hope you like it anyway and hope to see you again soon.

You Both Should Feel Proud of What You Offer

Hi Johan,

This was the bird we saw today, let me know what it is.
Thanks again for today you both should feel proud of what you offer and the way you present yourselves and business , I get a bit cynical about people exploiting for the $ and offer very little other than a fancy presentation , you have restored some faith in me, well done.

Johan's a Legend

Hi Joyce,
Just wanted to say thanks for the trip over the weekend. Johan was a legend and everyone down at the lodge was super friendly. And thanks again for the venison, it was delicious.
We will definitely be recommending this trip to people in Queenstown.
Kind regards,

Awesome Day Out

Dorothy McMurrich
25 Dec 2014


We did the Wairaurahiri Jet experience on 5 March this year. We barely have the vocabulary to say what a fantastic 7 weeks we had in New Zealand. We had intended to thank everybody who had contributed to our great holiday on our return in March but …… life got in the way.

However, we could not let 2014 come to an end without thanking you. All our friends think we are working for the New Zealand Tourist Board. When they ask us why we had such a fantastic time in New Zealand we talk about the beauty and majesty of the scenery, the many exciting activities we undertook - Tongariro Crossing and a whole day's jet-boating to name but two. But above all it was the friendliness and kindness of all the people who we met that really made our holiday.

The day with you was undoubtedly one of the highlights  of our 7 weeks in New Zealand. Rather than going down a gorge doing fancy tricks, we had the benefit of great scenery  on Lake Hauroko and down the river to the Tasman Sea plus your informative commentaries about the local flora and fauna and your conservation work. Celebrating Dorothy's 65th birthday at a wilderness lodge near the mouth of the river, enjoying the barbecued venison and of course the white wine and birthday cake is a memory which will stay with us for a long time. Thank you so much for organising this.

Best wishes  for a Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Happy 2015.

Dorothy and Iain McMurrich
Edinburgh, Scotland

We had an Excellent Adventure Today

Hi Johan and Joyce,

We all had an excellent adventure today despite the conditions. The lunch was outstanding in quality and presentation! We will certainly be encouraging more of our friends and others we meet about the experience we had and of course trip advisor in due course.

Thanks again for making us all feel safe and welcome.

Best regards,

Keith, Kirsty, Finlay, Fraser and Felix.

Wairaurahiri Jet You Rock!

13 Jul 2014

Overall Rating:

wow 'every man and his dog should do this'!! 
its a trip I've now done three times and will again! it has everything and then some, regardless of the season. The most awe-inspiring scenery, amidst Fiorldland National Park less the rat race of boats and people. Lake Hauroko with its history, myths and mystic, the mist and snow capped mountain peaks in cooler months or sun kissed tussocked tops in warmer months. Podacarp forests engulf you as you make your way down the river, catching sight of a deer in its natural environment, a trout cruising by or the glint of the friendly Okaka lodge manager signaling from the top of the Humpridge track. (which you can access by doing this jet boat trip, heck why wouldn't you?! so many ways to explore and learn about this seldom visited beauty of Fiorldland) and thats all before you even get to the ocean! once there you get the most scrumptous venison lunch is cooked right there and then by Johan, whilst you are out exploring New Zealands southern coast and looking out towards Solander and Stewart islands.

We met up with some folks that were staying at the Wairaurahiri Lodge where we had lunch, they had also boated in a few day before, hunting, tramping and fishing and then were flying out, wow what a holiday. Stories of the deer hunting days and area history come to life as Johan described the events of his own and others expeditions, giggles and shouts of joy when we found a trap had caught yet another 'jellybean' as Joyce delightfully calls the rats in the stoat traps, yip these guys are environmentally conscious too, with their own stoat trapping program!

I could go on but really you must experience it for yourself! make sure its Wairaurahiri Jet with Johan and Joyce and you'll be having the time of your life, these guys are the real deal!

Ive been on all sorts of boat rides around the globe and this for sure hits the spot on fun, adventure, remoteness and Kiwi Kai.

Everything from Start to Finish was Perfect

Margaret Banfield
Wairuarahiri Jet
05 Mar 2014

Overall Rating: Exceeded Expectations

Everything from start to finish was perfect. Johann was so informative and obviously knows and loves the area. The lunch was lovely with wonderful vension and many other tasty salads, etc.

The trip down the river was exhilarating and suddenly arriving at the sea was a lovely surprise.

Of all the things we did in NZ this is the one thing we would do again but I would definitely sit at the back as being small I couldn't see much over the front of the boat (sat at back on return journey).

Great Balance of Thrills and Local Knowledge

Fiona McComb
Wairaurahiri Jet
13 Feb 2014

Overall Rating:

Thanks Johan for the great day. Your local knowledge and environmental input was really appreciated as was your expert river navigating!!


It was the Best Day by Far...

We would like to thank you for the great day out we had back in January 14.

It was the best day by far that we had in New Zealand. A day we won't forget.

Just looked on the trap status for 11a and really pleased we have caught something already. Hope your weather is better than ours in rainy England. Will hope to be back one day and sponsor another trap. 

Thanks again Jo and Phill :)

Thank you SOOOO much for a great day

Hi Joyce and Johan,
Thank you so much for your patience for payment.
I have made payment today so will come through tomorrow.  Thank you SOOOO much for a great day.  Wil and I were blown away with the hospitality, informative information on the area, the delishious BBQ and overall experience and excitment of the deer being shot.

We can't stop raving about it and have been telling all our friends when they are down your way to go as it is so worth the trip and for what your do for conversation.
I am delighted to advise that on the Wednesday after jet boating Wil proposed to me on our way back from Horse Riding in Glenorchy. :)
It was a very Magical and special trip. 
Thanks so much to Johan, Stan and yourself for making our day such a wonderful experience.  We will be grinning from ear to ear in the months/years to come.
Kind regards and Warm Wishes
Rachel and Wil.

Best ever team building/bonding experience

If any of your clients are ever looking for the best ever team building/bonding experience I can thoroughly recommend Johan's and Joyce's Wairaurahiri Jet experience. Every one on the trip had a wonderful action packed day, were fully fed and watered, we were given an informative commentary of the area and delivered safely back to the real world.

Thank you.

Brilliant News - Gold Enviro Award

Brilliant news Joyce and about time too. 

And the point you make about burning fossil fuels but still getting the award is very significant.  For a lot of operators, the Enviro award is just a load of empty "green" gestures, doing some recycling and encouraging people not to have fresh towels every day whilst ignoring the realities of conservation and the environment.  You are doing the serious stuff.

Great news on the Price trap and although we fell short on quite a few late in the season because of the river level, hopefully we'll get more out there over the coming season.  And if you have any other ideas for conservation projects, just let me know and I'll be in there with you.


An excellent experience - not-to-be missed

14 Jan 2013

Overall Rating:

We had a wonderful day with Johan and Joyce. The trip was a great ride and their committment to conservation offers an insight into the river and park which is second-to-none and adds great value to the whole experience.

Highly recommended!

We had a wonderful, wonderful day!

28 Jan 2012

Hey there Joyce and Johan

We had a wonderful, wonderful day! Thank you so much! Johan you are wonderful, your knowledge and obvious passion for the area adds to the experience, along with being a very competent driver and a fabulous cook! You will be highly recommended to everyone we know and meet.

We will save our pennies and definitely do this again. I admire you for all the trapping you do and I do believe you are making a difference!

Thanks again
Karla, Aaron, Sarah, Jaedyn, John, Coby and Jake

THE most exhilarating jetboat experience

We are wondering how you are getting along in your tent with the wind and the rain? Any whitebait??

Thanks to you and johan for THE most exhilarating jetboat experience last Sunday. Andre and I are old boaties/ boaties of old and we felt most comfortable with Johan and his expert boatmanship. The venison lunch was delicious and the bottle of wine a welcome surprise. There is no doubt that we will recommend your trip to others. To us it was a TRUE NZ experience and hospitality.

We arrived wet and cold at the Waiau Pub into the arms of Dorothy and Quinton. The Pub experience was as I remember NZ back in the late 1950's. A warm welcome, a seriously great steak and chips and friendly locals. As we went to bed we asked Quinton if there could be whitebait fritters on the menu for breakfast. not only did he deliver them for breakfast...but sent is off with a plastic container full of whitebait fritters for lunch!!

We will surely spread the word amongst our mates to experience your part of the world.

Kind regards

Andre and Barb du Plessis

Thank you for the great trip down the river


Thank you for the great trip down the river, Thanks for taking the time to show the old hut at Rabbit flat and sharing the stories about the characters that lived in that neck of the woods.

The trip home was fantastic be it a bit wet crossing the lake.

The trip was especially great for the older lady from Wales, She has never been out of the city in her whole life, and can't believe how kiwis get out and do this sort of thing, We are very lucky.

Thanks again

Lyndon Moffitt ( Moff )

Forest & Bird Trip! Fabulous! Tumeke!

Kia ora Johan & Joyce.

WOW- what a fabulous day I and others obviously had on Saturday. It was a dream come true from the suberb mild weather to the calm lake with magic reflections, Mary Island beckoning, Teal Bay's birds & scented orchids, then the thrill of the river with its twists and turns and Jasper ( at 3 years )being excited & gleeful! Being at the mouth- at such a low tide and thinking of the pioneers- so daunting seeing all that bush..... 

Your exceptional BBQ meal with all the trimmings - yummmm- and I loved the platter- fern leaf.I over- ate!

Then off back to more thrills, rapids, deep pools, fish... and  arriving back exhilarated, satisfied but oh so thrilled with how blessed I had been!

What a day! I loved it- so many memories and emotional connections.

Your explanations of landscape, history, maori connections, river processes, bush identification, animals, stoat trap commitment and benefits, flags, your personal commitment to our wildlife, making a difference and encouraging others to do likewise- all added to the flavour and experience to be remembered!

NO plastic- how fabulous!

 ((*****Just had a thought- you might like to be interviewed for a Wastebusters column - how you don't use plastic and why!?))

I loved the way you were unhurried and responded to our questions, gave of yourself.... and held a wee twinkle in your eye- kidding us a bit but challenging our thinking.

Your life experience was evident- coping with different people and all our prejudices - without upsetting us!

Thank you Joyce for all your organising too. I needed that reassurance. Carter family loved it I noted! Thrilled they were able to come.

Thank you for your generosity in suggesting F&B could team up with you and do some fundraising.

Please let me know when I need to pay for my trap!

I need to come back soon.

Rangimarie, blessings and joy. You are both taonga.

Jenny Campbell

Forest and Bird Southland Secretary

Thank you for the excellent trip

Hi Johan,

The day after, and what a day it was, just like to say thank you for the excellent trip, everyone had a brilliant day, and even though they were very tired on the way home there was still lots of talk about the trip.

We had a guy who is a millionaire with us, and he has been every where around the world, and he said that was the best thing he has ever done.

Also my father who is 80 he said in all his life that was the "best", and a great birthday present.

I can tell you now there will be a lot of people spreading great words about you to their friends, so hopefully more people will do this trip with you.

The lunch was great so thanks for that, and it was good to see peanut again.

I am sorry i never got to see Joyce face to face but hope can catch up with her in the future.

Thank you once again from the group in balclutha and queenstown.

All the best for all your other trips, and merry Christmas and happy new year to you both and hope to see you on another trip some time."

Glenys costain

An experience I would recommend to anyone

Dear Johan and Joyce :

Just a quick note to say thanks for last weekend's trip. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weather failed to inhibit my adrenaline and the cool winter air enhanced the feeling of being alive! Your in depth knowledge of the area, animals, flora and fauna and your ability to convey it made the trip not only heart thumping but educational.

It is an experience I would recommend to anyone, New Zealander or foreign traveller. Prepare to see NZ as it is rarely seen, in a way that must be as close as it would be, untouched... and yet I didn't feel my presence was invasive. This is a true eco-tourism adventure product!

Your experience has obviously taught you how to ensure passengers are safe without being smothered, and are given the flexibility to experience at their own pace. I commend you both and wish you all the very best with the adventure and the business. And it Yak Steak ever comes up on the menu...

Rachael Hoffman-Spence

Wonderful hospitality

Dear Johan & Joyce :

Just a wee note to say thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality last weekend. Our group really enjoyed their day out and the wonderful lunch and beach walk. Would love to see you and your family on the island sometime. Thanks again, awesome stuff.

Sue & Ian Munro

We were thrilled to be on your wonderful day trip

Dear Joyce & Johan :

We were thrilled to be on your wonderful day trip down river on 26th Feb. this year (Joyce's birthday).

We were on the same trip as the two local fellas who won the trip with a competition you ran. We had such a fabulous day we wanted to do something special to thank you both. Lets not forget Peanut who was also a highlight of the day, he bagged us Aussies all day even though Charlie fixed his Solar Power for him (switched on the right button).

So when we came home and saw these thirst we decided to personalise them for each of you to say a BIG thank you for a great day. We eventually did four jet boat trips, on the South Island, but yours was by far the best. Making us feel special by escorting us on several walks, friendly chat at lunch stop, expert driving and even down to dumping us on the Lonely Rock, fantastic.

We have included a shirt for Peanut (with a special message on it), and would appreciate it if you could drop it off to him on your next trip down river. Once again thanks heaps!

Barb & Charlie Kimmings
NSW, Australia

A very worthwhile experience

Dear Johan :

On behalf of the AgriQuality staff that were with you last Wednesday, thank you very much for a most enjoyable day.

Despite the inclement weather, it was a very worthwhile experience - we all have something to remember for a long time. We appreciated your repertoire and also of course, your cooking! It's amazing what we blokes can do over a BBQ however I don't dare take away from your wife the credit due to her for her meal preparation and of course the great support she provided on the boat!

Thanks, both of you for a great day.

Brian Butcher
District Manager
AgriQuality New Zealand

Independent Survey Report by A.C.T.O. Marketing Research

Note: The following is an independent survey report by A.C.T.O. Marketing Research:

As an independent agent I undertook a survey of a random sample of thirteen past Wairaurahiri Jet customers, who had taken a trip within the last 18 months. I was seeking to gauge customer satisfaction with a variety of aspects of their trip and of the overall experience.

The questions asked involving customer satisfaction were:

  • How did you find your hosts?
  • Survey respondents were asked to rate the hosts, safety, the commentary, their meal, their bushwalk, and their experience as a whole.
  • Would they recommend Wjet to others?
  • What was the highlight of their trip?
  • Could any improvements be made?

I received an overwhelmingly positive response about all aspects of the Wjet experience.

When customers were asked to rate specific aspects of the trip all were given ratings of eight, nine or ten out of ten. All stated that they would recommend Wjet (Wairaurahiri Jet) to others, many said that they have.

All said that they enjoyed the hosts of the trip and found them very friendly and informative. Some commented that Johan and Joyce had gone out of their way to make their day special.

When asked about the highlight of their trip, it seemed that the excitement of the jetboating on the river was the most popular feature of a very memorable day.

Some comments were:

  • "Really good trip, everyone should go" Janis
  • "Exhilarating" David
  • "I couldn't help recommending it to others" Andrew
  • "I would take it over the Shotover anytime" Colin
  • "Johan went over and above the call of duty, more than what we paid for, he took us fishing out to sea. It was one of the best days I've had, a good Kiwi day out" Mark


Anna Thompson BFA
Chief executive
A.C.T.O. Marketing Research

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Wairaurahiri - Fulfilling a long held ambition

1 Jan 2019

Wairaurahiri - Fulfilling a long held ambition

A few years ago a relative told us about this unbelievable Fjordland adventure, starting at Lake Hauroko and taking you right down to the South Coast through the mighty Waitutu Forest. So we finally made it and we absolutely loved it. The trip across the lake and then down the river with a 150 m drop over 27 km through virgin bush is exhilarating. Johan is a superb driver and stops regularly to explain about the history of the land, about adventures he and others had in this unique place - and expert advice on the flora and fauna of the national park. His knowledge and passion for the land is tangible when he speaks and proven by the fact that he (and his tourist passengers) sponsor many traps along the river and the Waitutu Forest Track. Each one of us learned a lot.


Reviewed by 181788Happycamper

28 Dec 2018


This trip far exceeded our expectations. We have plenty of experience in jet boats but this trip was over the top. Travelling from a beautiful lake down a crazy 27 km stretch of river to the ocean and back is hard to beat, but Johan really does takes it up a few notches with his wealth of knowledge pertaining to the history and general information of the area. He is a fantastic operator and gives you a heck of a ride too and fro. He also treats you to a barbeque is that puts a lot of higher end restaurants to shame. I totally recommend this trip to anyone who hasn’t done it, you can’t go wrong, worth every penny and more. This has been the highlight of our trip. Good Job!!

Great way to see this remote area

Review by Katie Jan 2019


Great jet boat trip. Once across Lake Hauroko it was down the Wairaurahiri River. This is a beautiful fast flowing river. Johan our driver/guide/cook was very knowledgable about the history of the area, trees and birds etc. Fantastic lunch at Waitutu Lodge. Really great day out.