Kevin Molloy

Kevin Molloy

Kevin has 7 years experience in the jet boating/tourism industry. He has previously worked for some well known Queenstown companies: Kawarau Jet and Skippers Canyon Jet. He is currently driving for Thunder Jet when he not working here which is also based in Queenstown.

Although Kevin is based in Queenstown he is a local boy and has an abundance of knowledge about this beautiful area we call Clifden.

You may also see his side kick Jetson George (his dog) with him at work as this is Jetson's favourite thing to do. He is friendly and loves pats!

Kevin is also a family man and has a son called Jed who you may also see at work with him from time to time, he is also friendly :)

Kevin has a love for tourism and jet boating and has also competed in the Queenstown winter festival boat race in which he has won 4 times.

Tomas Charters

Tomas Charters

Tomas was born and bred in the area and has a lot of local knowledge. Feel free to pick his brains when you come for a spin on the boat with him! Tomas also has another pretty cool skill he is a qualified helicopter pilot!!
He has worked is Australia mustering livestock using this skill. Talented aye?!

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